About the company

In TKH Kabeltechniek, we manufacture and package wire bundles.

We have a modern machine park, and the wire bundles made by us are manufactured with the highest precision and subjected to continuous quality inspection.

We manufacture wire bundles used in construction machinery and vehicles, snowcats, offshore cranes, motors, railway as well as in the medical industry, robotics, and the audio-video segment. The wire bundles that leave our plant are applied in dental cameras, eye scanners, navigation systems in space, submarines or in interactive video game suits.

Our top designers and engineers, experienced fitters, and the well-equipped machine park allow to manufacture the most specialised and demanding electrical bundles, also in small batches.

The versatility of TKH Kabeltechniek is best shown by the implemented projects: a 30-meter-long bundle for a crane made in 30 hours, which includes 500 wires, and a bundle with the tolerance of 0.5 mm made in one minute, in which the core insulation is hot stripped and then tin plated.

Holding TKH

TKH Kabeltechniek belongs to TKH Group – an international group of companies specialising in the development and provision of innovative telecommunication, building and industrial solutions. TKH Group brings together 70 companies around the world, where over 4,000 people work. TKH Group’s Head Office is in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands.